Autumn In Méribel

Autumn might be Méribel’s most underrated season. Locals cherish this special time of year for many reasons, and here are just a few:

Keep calm: The hustle and bustle of the summertime crowds can make for fun people watching, but it’s refreshing to have a little breathing room as you wander around Méribel. No need to battle it out for a parking spot or wait eons for a table: The thinner crowds of fall are definitely a plus.

Hike high: September and October are fantastic times to hike in the alpine. Last winter’s snow is gone, so nearly all the trails are clear and ready. The changing colours of the autumn leaves and early sunsets add beauty to every panorama, and the proliferation of mushrooms and blueberry can turn any hike into a mini feast.

Befriend the gym: Autumn is your last chance to get your abs flattened and your body dialed-in for the upcoming winter. Rather than chase your inner adrenaline junkie, it’s a good time to recover from injuries and build strength.

Bike like there’s no one watching (because there probably isn’t): Autumn mountain biking is known for tacky conditions, less dust, more comfortable air temperatures, “hero dirt,” and fewer people on the trails and in the Méribel bike park. Mud rules, greasy corners are fun, and filthy clothes and a dirty face only prove how much fun you had.

Shop: The slower pace of autumn makes for perfect shopping in Méribel. With winter approaching and all the latest ski and snowboard gear lining the shelves, you must get yourself prepared to rip that pow once it arrives.

Indulge in rest & relaxation: Feeling creaky in the joints? Rainy day blues happening every day? Time to spa it up. Méribel has plenty of spas and wellness facilities.

Walk your dog…or the golf course: Just because summer is officially over doesn’t mean the pound dogs suddenly stop needing their daily walks. For another way to get in the steps, a relaxed game of golf might be just the ticket.

Eat, drink and be merry: Many of Méribel’s finest restaurants often reward their locals and autumn customers with fantastic deals and affordable set-menu specialties.


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