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DC Global Team Week l DC Area 43 – Méribel

Team DC Assemble

Heavy park hits and rail jams, DC Global team assemble for a full week of pure madness ! Hooking up with the Rusty Toothbrush dudes (who know a thing or two about Méribel), DC brings a cast of international pro-riders along, throwing down in spot jams, banked slaloms and next level on-the-hill après. Via
MESS UP MERIBEL 2.0 l Rusty Toothbrush – Méribel

MESS UP MERIBEL 2.0 – Rusty Toothbrush

Mess up Meribel 2.0 is all about breaking s***, having fun and keeping Jesus (the chalet boss) on his toes… What happens when you invite the Rusty Toothbrush crew up to the DC chalet in Meribel ? Well, it seems like complete chaos, but looks pretty damn fun. Starting off with a pretty fun snake
DC Shred days ; Meribel

DC Shred Days

Area 43 takes a battering from DC’s big hitters… DC sent a crew of their top riders to Meribel Mottaret last week to shred the s*** out of their Area 43 park. Which they dutifully did, and even bagged a few pow sprays while they were at it. Via
Snowpark DC Area 43 Méribel-Mottaret ; Teaser Hiver 2012-13

Park Life – DC Area 43

The DC riders have been killing it all winter long on the DC Area 43 park in Méribel, and here’s the proof, fools. Check the DC team, including the likes of Torstein Horgmo, Lauri Heiskari, Devun Walsh and a bunch of the Euro dudes, putting the smackdown on DC’s Area 43 setup in Méribel. Via

MESS UP MERIBEL – Rusty Toothbrush

When the Rusty Toothbrush squad rolls deep to the DC chalet in Méribel, you know things are about to go down… Given one week in Méribel with the homies, a chalet and the freedom to bring your wildest snowboard fantasies to life, what would you do? These dudes look like they have one hell of