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Escalator skiing – Meribel

Skiing Down An Escalator – Méribel

No snow? No problem. Strap on your skis and shoot down the escalator! Not sure if that escalator skiing trend is linked to global warming, with melting snows driving skiers from their natural habitat, or part of some hit and run tactics of the ‘stand on the right, walk on the left’ school of escalator
Snow Surfing

Snow Surfing – Méribel

Snow and surfing don’t go together? Decide for yourself! Pro rider PH Davoine turns the sports world around: See what happens when a surfboard gets in touch with the white widths of the mountains. Via Ph Davoine
Mankini Ski Run Meribel

It’s Borat On Ice – Méribel

The Borat style mankini doesn’t work anywhere, especially out skiing in Meribel. At first, it seems such a good idea. Skiing. In a mankini. It’s Borat on Ice. It’ll be classic. But when you see this guy tentatively reaching the bottom of the slope, both balls popping out and his flat white arse shaking uncontrollably,
Julien Lizeroux – Salto Slalom – Meribel

Julien Lizeroux Slalom Freestyle – Méribel

They told me I could be anything I wanted, so I became a freestyler… Julien Lizeroux, an alpine ski racer specializing in slalom, made his World Cup debut in 2000, but all the racing experience since then didn’t help the 35-year-old avoid the embarrassing start he suffered on his first run Sunday at the FIS
Meribel snowboarding over water fail

Pond Skim Wipeout – Méribel

And you thought Jesus was the only one that could walk on water… For the uninitiated, pond skimming involves brave skiers and snowboarders attempting to cross a long, cold, often slush-filled pond; the objective being to make it to the other side without getting wet. Some achieve this objective, but the majority do not. And
Le Méribyodel ; chanson de Méribel

Mérib’ Yodel

Warning: Do not watch if you’re frightened by mountain dwellers and/or yodeling. Yeah, I probably won’t be getting any sleep tonight. Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo!!! Via youtube