Guide To Méribel For Non-Skiers

Believe it or not, there are people who don’t ski or snowboard. They don’t even play around in the snow! And that’s just fine – unless you’re planning to head to Méribel during snow season.

What on earth are non-skiers supposed to do in Méribel while skiers have the time of their lives on the resort’s sugary slopes? Well, they strive to have more fun than the skiers, of course, and sometimes they (gasp!) succeed! Over the years, Méribel has evolved a ton of fun things to do that don’t involve board-like things strapped to your feet…

Sightseeing: Méribel is split into different areas – Méribel Les Allues, Méribel Village, Méribel Centre and Méribel Mottaret – and all are connected by free shuttle buses. You can walk and shop all day long, go patio hopping, etc., and make it a ‘no plans’ day with a high expectation of success. You never know what you might discover.

Take a Hike: The Tueda Nature Reserve is a gentle and peaceful way to discover ice-covered lakes, soaring mountain views and snow-covered forests.

Other Snow Adventures: Yes, believe it or not there are *other* things to do with snow. Enjoy the white stuff in a multitude of ways, like ice skating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or dogsled tours.

Play with the Kids: Just about all of the outdoor activities on offer are good to do with families, but there are “extra layers to the onion” here too. During winter, big free events provide easy entertainment.

Keep Your Taste Buds Happy: There are a lot of restaurants in Méribel, from cheap and cheerful to high end, so you never have to worry about having your palate pleased.

Shop ‘til You Drop: Some people make retail therapy into an art-form and, in Méribel, there’s a tempting array of boutique shops, gift and souvenir shops, and local markets to satisfy your consumer lust.

Relax: Doing stuff is great, but a real Méribel ski holiday should probably include some serious down time. Going to a spa or having a float session are excellent ways to create a feeling of absolute bliss. A glass of vino and a comfy chair might be all it takes, but some places will offer that plus a toasty fire and service with a smile.

Learn to Ski: Is it possible you might actually be into skiing, but haven’t tried? Here’s your chance to give it a whirl. Snowboard and ski lessons are on offer and easy to find.

Regroup at Après: Skiers and non-skiers can agree: drinking with friends – or even with strangers – can sometimes be the best part of a day in Méribel.


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