The Dos And Don’ts Of Méribel Après Ski Etiquette

Après ski: it’s the ultimate reward after a hard day skiing/snowboarding Méribel and living the dream. Your legs feel like jelly, you’re dehydrated and—let’s be honest—you stink. In real life, you’d have to go home, get a shower and eat a whole bag of bite-size Snickers before even thinking about making a public appearance.

But this is not real life. This is the dream and, as such, there’s a bar full of huge smiles, red cheeks, and warm laughs, not to mention appetizers and cold beer. Best of all, they’ve saved you a seat…

Here are a few tips to keep you in the loop on the Méribel après ski circuit this winter.


Stash your sweet ride where it belongs

Didn’t you see the “no skis or snowboard inside” sign? No one wants to get pummeled by your gear during après, especially at happy hour.


Keep it casual

Après ski is probably one of the only occasions for which it is socially acceptable to wear undies in public. We’re not talking bras and thongs… We mean base layers.


Share a table

Après hot spots fill up fast when skiing is over. Offer any empty seats to latecomers. You’ll definitely meet interesting people, including but not limited to, your future wife/husband.


Pace yourself

Don’t mistake après ski for your best friend’s bachelor party. Relaxing after a day on the snow is a bliss, but nursing a wicked hangover the next is not. Be cool, mate. Just… be cool.


Turn over the keys

No humor here, drunk driving is totally unacceptable. If you must travel after drinking, turn over your keys to a designated driver or call a cab. Mountain road accidents are no joke.

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