White Home – Meribel Off Piste Skiing

If you’re a keen ski or snowboard enthusiast like us, then you’ll know all about it. Even beginners will have witnessed the delighted look on the faces of their more experienced skier friends after a foot of snow falls overnight.

Yes, we’re talking about Meribel off piste skiing. There’s really nothing like it – whether it’s carving long, fresh tracks in untouched snow, or charging through a tree line waist-deep in the white stuff. It’s the ultimate thrill.

It’s no surprise then that with modern equipment evermore suited to backcountry, skiers these days are heading further and further from the groomed trails to explore more of the Meribel mountains and to hit the best conditions available.

Quite right too ! Just one problem though: it also the potential to be a seriously dangerous activity. Powder Skiing in Meribel has to be addressed thoroughly and with respect. So please only venture off the marked runs in the company of a guide or ski instructor. Only they have the essential local knowledge necessary to avoid avalanche-prone and dangerous terrain, and they will also find the very best snow.

Via http://ski-resort.meribel.net/

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