The Dos And Don’ts Of Méribel Ski Chalet Hot Tub Etiquette

Is there anything better, after a hard-hitting day of skiing, than soaking and relaxing in a Méribel ski chalet hot tub/jacuzzi? We’d argue that there is not. The enveloping warmth of the water combined with the soothing luxuriousness of the bubbles is, and we don’t want to sound too much like a shower gel commercial here, complete and utter pleasure. The convivial atmosphere doesn’t hurt either.

However, as we’re sure many of you can testify to, there are a number of potentially devastating hot tub/jacuzzi faux-pas lingering just out of your field of vision, which are itching to kill the mood and spoil everyone’s fun.

1) Rinse off before soaking, please. Always shower first to reduce the likelihood of contaminating the hot tub water and minimizing health risks.

2) Nude or not nude? The people already in the tub set the dress code. So, don’t strip to the buff unless everyone else is, and you’re safely past the Family Hour.

3) Don’t drink and tub. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but drinking and hot-tubbing aren’t a good mix despite what you see on TV. Both alcohol and drugs can cause drowsiness.

4) What to eat? Light finger foods, especially fruit, are the best choices when soaking. Note: crisps are the worst thing to eat in a hot tub.

5) Electronics. Water and electronics don’t go hand in hand. Wouldn’t you hate to drop your iPod or iPhone in the water?

6) Do limit your soak time. Limit your soak time to no more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Cool off, then re-enter if you like.

7) Pets in hot tubs? Cute, but NO! No matter how cute the dog or how much he wants to hot tub with you, pets in hot tubs are not recommended, both for the pet and the water quality!

8) Watch that kid! Kids love hot tubs, but NEVER leave children alone in a hot tub even for a minute!

9) Love in the tub? If you’re with your lover, hold the passions until you reach dry land. Intimacy is best done in private.

Bonus tip: When poaching, leave your clothes in an easily-accessible pile. Inevitably, security will catch you, and you’ll have to make a mad dash over the fence and away into the woods.

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