Dress For Success: Proper Méribel Skiing Suit Up

Naturally, one must plan to dress properly well before the first day of Méribel skiing or snowboarding, and the newer you are at snow sports the more we can help! The wrong clothes and gear will leave you feeling miserable from head to toe, and we simply can’t have that.

No one likes spending €€€€€ only to end up shivering in the chalet, which equals “miserable waste of a trip”. Think of this stuff as an investment long term…

This Méribel ski gear guide covers the basics plus a few tips on what to look for:

Socks: You’re gonna want a tall (above the boot) acrylic/nylon blend with some elastic or spandex to keep it in place. There’s nothing worse than having to mess with your socks and boots all day, so don’t settle for the stuff in your sock drawer if you can avoid it.

Pants: Arguably the most important piece of outerwear and a real demonstration of the value of specialized gear. Unless you’re an angel and will never touch the snow, stay away from jeans, sweatpants or warm-ups on the slopes.

  • Jeans will get wet the first time you fall and it’ll feel like they’re freezing onto your legs.
  • Sweatpants or warm-ups are possibly worse for the same reason PLUS they also breathe, so the moment you go faster than walking speed you’ll feel as though you have “air conditioned legs”.

Your pants should allow maximum movement and should not be too snug over boots.

Goggles: Snow blindness isn’t a joke; you’ll be at high altitude and the sun will drill into your eyes. Sunglasses work on a warm sunny day but the moment there is snowfall you’ll wish for gogs. Worse, once you start to move cold wind will whip around and cause your eyes to tear up.

Gloves: Your pitiful little mittens from home are not going to conquer the open air chills on the mountain. You will desperately want decent, real snow sports gloves when it’s cold, windy and snowing. Frostbitten digits will hurt like nothing you’ve ever experienced! If you simply have to skimp, bring, like, 9 pairs of gloves that can be layered and swapped out. Just know: Home-style gloves + wet + cold + wind = bad day.

Really guys, if you follow our simple tips above, you’ll spend more time shredding Méribel’s vast ski areas and less time worrying about wet, frozen discomfort.

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